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Thursday, February 6, 2020 5:15pm

@ Santa Fe Convention Center,

DeVargas Room 

Topics to discuss: 

Email List for Guadalupe Street Association
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Sandy Zane <>
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"Lawrence, Gonzales" <>

Iggy Salis <>

Dickie Montoya <>

Aline Ellis <>
Sarah Barnwell <>

"" <>



Charlotte Grey Jackson , Celebrating 31 Years

Charlotte Jackson Fine Art 

554 South Guadalupe st

Santa Fe,   New Mexico 87501

505 989 8688

Cindy Cornelsen,

Smash Bangles, LLC
Jewelry, Gifts, & Whimsy on the Railyard
328 S Guadalupe Street STE H

Santa Fe, NM 87501

Corey Fidler, General Manager

800-825-9876 | 505-955-7816

Cristina Iverson


KOWBOYZ in the Railyard

345 West Manhattan

Santa Fe, NM 87501

Store 505.984.1256

Cell 505.670.8627

George Gundrey, Owner and Manager
Tomasita's Restaurant, Santa Fe  - in the Railyard
Atrisco Cafe & Bar, Santa Fe - at DeVargas Center

Tomasita's Albuquerque - I25 and Jefferson

Kathrine Erickson and Elan Varshay

Evooke Contemporary

550 South Guadalupe Santa Fe, NM 87501 

Tel: 505.995.9902

Liz Camacho

Economic Development and Communications Administrator

500 Market Street Santa Fe, NM 87501

(w)|505 955 6042| (m) 575 425 0733 | (e)

Natalie and Nelly-Joy, <

Casa Nova Gallery

530 S Guadalupe St

Santa Fe, NM 87501


Sandy Zane

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art   form & concept

435 S Guadalupe St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

505-982-8111  ext 1004

Suby T. Bowden

Suby Bowden + Associates

333 Montezuma Avenue, Suite 200

Santa Fe, NM 87501



Office Phone: 1-505-983-3755, ex. 109

Cell: 1-505-690-1764

Fax: 1-505-983-8118

Tai Ayers, GM

Ohori’s Coffee Roasters

505 Cerrillos Rd.

Suite B103

Santa Fe, NM 87501


Tom Stark


322 S. Guadalupe St  (NEW ADDRESS)

Santa Fe, NM   87501

Business Office (505) 930-5629

Store (505) 699-2760

2) The Mayor is proposing a 5.9% DECREASE in the police budget from last year.  See


The City spent $28,092,621 in FY 2013/2014 (i.e. 7 years ago) and the Mayor's proposal for FY 2020 is $27,678437.  Of course officers received raises and their medical went up in that time, so we are clearly moving in the wrong direction.


3) I am personally advocating for a 20% increase in police budget. They have plenty of money for their pet projects and for the water company to be an inefficient mess, while the business owners are projected to collect $112 million in GRT from our customers. The City is projecting to collect $377 million in revenues.


This is about priorities.  Some other things are going to need to be cut, but we need for get back to the basics!



Prior to our current mayor, we had a City staff person named Andrew Valdez on a scooter patrolling the railyard (during the daytime) and he kept all of this bad behavior in-check. And there was also hired private-security that checked the railyard and park in the evening.

The current administration no longer provides this security funding. And I do not know if the skateboard park ever had security (other than an occasional police officer driving by).

But Andrew who we call the Railyard Chief (because he is Native American) still works for the City parking division and we should ask for him to be reinstated as a security chief for the Railyard. He was excellent at kindness when kindness was needed, and stern behavior when tougher measures were needed. He is a sophisticated person who managed the Railyard from north to south very well.

In the skateboard park, we definitely need security now, and a location for homeless in the daytime….”One-Door” has been meeting for two years in pursuit of a healthy homeless campus.



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