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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

9 - 10:30 AM

City of Santa Fe ~ 500 Market Station ~ Round House Conference Room

Liz Camacho - City of Santa Fe

Brackwell - Legend Nano Gallery

Nathaniel Rudolph - Legend Nano Gallery

Fabian Trujillo - City of SF

Albert Zalma - Zalma Lofron Gallery

Marga - Paloma Cafe

Natasha Nargis  - Natasha Santa Fe

Suzy Santaella - NM School of the Arts

Linda Dorian - he Beat Upscale Resale

Christian Nardi - Bee Hive

Jennifer Nevarez - NM TechWorks and Community Learning Network

Nicole - Land Use, City of Santa Fe and Liaison for the Historic Board

Survey - dropped off surveys to merchants in person on Nov 6 and enthusiastic and grateful

We will post results before next meeting. We have 14 responses. Please if you haven’t taken the survey visit:  Click here.

Shuttle - is being rerouted and moved to Guadalupe

Below is a map indicating the changes City of Santa Fe is working to make this happen quickly. There are maps to be changed and signage moved. Estimated change will happen in January.














Parking - have to do a resolution to change the parking.

They are preparing to present a resolution to change parking to 8to5.

Currently approved - FREE holiday parking on Saturdays after Thanksgiving  until Sat after Xmas.


CAN resolution be extended to Sat after New Year's eve?

CAN retail meeting include RETAIL representative?

SUNDAYS and MAJOR HOLIDAYS are exempt....can we add SATURDAY?


There is a new app to help people pay their meter while they are shopping without having to return to the meter:

Banner Project- 

2x4 feet is typical , POST is at 15 feet

Cannot be banner material. Has to be enduring and not shabby. 

Max 3 colors plus black and white.

Money in rail yard budget for way finding signage

Roughly - $600 to 1000 per sign

Fabricator - LexLucus Sign

Reflections: Need interesting image, people can't read it as they go down the street,

Plan - temporary signs for 3 months

Long-term - raise funds and clarify design for permanent signage

    Albert will work on the design with  Nathaniel

    Jen willing to help with number of poles, proposal, funding options

PROCESS -  WE decide what we want and present design. 

             Historic Preservation can approve design and confirm it is NOT fabric.

            Carlos Gamora or Lee Lokston - Current Planning will have to approve EXACT DESIGN

NEXT STEP - someone needs to go down to City Hall with design and walk through process.

VOTE: no-one voted for play, shopping, art

Guadalupe Street 8 out of 13

Guadalupe Image  9 out of 13, 1/2 body  9,  full body 3

COLORS - Red, Yellow, Turquoise and white or black writing

 Will require a bill/ordinance change. This takes 3 months. Will not be ready for the holidays. Attached find Albert and Nathaniel’s design. Made in record time.


There were no poles in place on the north end, so for now,  this applies only on the south from West Alameda to Paseo. Please attached document.

 - which has 13 on one side and 9 on the other for a total of 22


Public Works recommends using the size 2’ x 4’ as they did for the 400 year anniversary. Attached  you will find the vendor previously used.


Guadalupe Street from Paseo to Paseo

   Sandoval and Montezuma



Maintenance and upkeep requirements

Vacancy Tax


updating list 


Historic Shuttle Proposed Changes Update
Guadalupe street banner_BACK copy.jpg
Guadalupe street banner_FRONT copy.jpg
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