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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

9 - 10:30 AM

City of Santa Fe ~ 500 Market Station ~ Round House Conference Room

The Guadalupe Business Association meeting started with an idea session on how to improve local business and concluded with some key actions:


1)  Create a database of all local businesses participating. Send emails on meeting notes to others even if they don’t participate and/or get their feedback when they are unable to make it. The database will also ensure inclusivity.

Jennifer Case Nevarez started a website for the Association which can also collect names and emails for a mailing list.

2)  Create a survey to understand the district’s needs. Topics to address on the survey:

a. Geographical definition of the district

b. Type of businesses needed in the area. Possibly try and recruit them.

c. Barriers to growth. Why are customers not coming.

d. Volume/customer traffic before and after (need to define time window). Probably before Sambusco closed.

e. Hours of operation

f.  Percent local vs. tourist traffic/customers. Have these numbers changed?

g. What marketing do you use to attract customers?

h. What time is accessible parking limited (list of times)

i.   Do you collaborate with local hotels to generate traffic? If so which one?

j.   Where do you advertise?

k. Better wayfinding ideas: paint curbs, better lighting, signs with map of areas, banners

l.   Parking meters ending at 5 or 6

m.     Shuttle impact your business in a positive or negative way? Where should it stop?

3) Website:  to bring it all together !!!! 


4)      Need to canvas the neighborhood with survey and to collect more emails for database.

Notes were taken by:
Liz Camacho

Economic Development and Communications Administrator

500 Market Street Santa Fe, NM 87501

(w)|505 955 6042| (m) 575 425 0733 | (e)

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