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Updates on Banner Project

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On Nov 13, 2019, at 1:05 PM, Lance Blankenship <> wrote:


Hi All,

I hope all is well with you and you are ready for a bountiful holiday season.  Shawna and I wanted to give you all a brief update on the banner project status.


In late July while we were collecting funds for the  project I did a walk through with owner David King of Fastsigns and got a finalized bid in mid August .  As soon as we collected a majority of the funding commitments I handed David a 50% deposit ($1647.80).  He told me then that the project would take three weeks to complete and he would go ahead and print the banners.  The check was deposited on September 5th.   Since then there have been dozens of emails and phone calls with little to show for them.  He doesn't return phone calls, respond to emails or exhibit any urgency in completing this project.   I have requested that he return our deposit and today I completed a request for help from the NM State Attorney's Office.



Next steps

Shawna and I have devoted a lot of time and energy and are greatly disappointed that we have not had success.  We are pretty much tapped out and need to refocus on our individual businesses during this busy season.  Help is needed if we are to have any hope of getting the banners installed in the new year.


1.  we need someone to find a  new installer (we have a printer if they cannot print banners)

2.  it would be helpful if someone could locate a pro bono lawyer in case the AG cannot help us get our deposit back (without the deposit we would either need to shut down the project or fund raise again)

3. we need someone to take over the installation project and someone to work with the new vendor city to obtain the city attorney's final approval.


Shawna and I can assist with the above but need individuals to take over these tasks.


Thank you for your support.



Lance and Shawna


Lance Blankenship

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