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Drills: From Kids Who Box

There are many drill options.
Here are a few Drills recommended by Kids Who Box.

Tire Sparring Drill - Using a tire, you put your front leg in a tire and your opponent puts their front leg in the same tire, and then you spar, keeping your front legs in the tire while moving around each other to spar.

Agility Ladder Footwork Drill - Using an Agility Ladder which is specially-made for sports and football training, start at one end and move to the other end going through each section without touching the rungs. It is usually done with a bounce or twist and a variety of footwork moves.

Suicide Run - Put approximately 6 or more cones, rocks, or markers every four feet to create your training course. Start on one end and run to the first marker and back, then to the second marker and back, and so forth, until you have reached the last cone and returned to your starting place. Then, run to the third marker ten times, take a 30-second break, and then go to the furthest marker and work backwards, returning to your starting place from the furthest marker, then the second furthest marker then the 3rd furthest marker until you are running from the first marker back your starting place.

Do this drill 3 to 8 times to get the maximum workout but be warned that most kids (and many adults) may be exhausted before they complete this drill. 

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